IPS brings a rare focus to operators' new and mature wells. Our proven experience and insight allows our team to help select, design, implement and optimize the right plunger for the right application. From the patented Pacemaker by-pass plungers to our unique multi-stage systems, IPS can select the appropriate tool to optimize each well. At IPS, we treat each well individually to achieve tangible results.



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  At IPS we take great pride in our total quality manufacturing system, unwavering safety standards, and knowledgeable team members to produce the best oil and gas well production and optimization products on the planet.

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Get more from your Cyclops plunger arrival sensor

  • See what Cyclops sees with FREE Vision Device Management software
  • Make Cyclops wireless with Iris Wireless Bridge
  • Upgrade to Sasquatch for plunger arrivals + surface velocity
  • Use PIT Boss II to optimize your well with the best optimization algorithms on the market


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