Complemented by internal engineering and manufacturing, Definitive has successfully designed, engineered and manufactured affordable oil and gas efficiency equipment. From plunger design to controls, accessories and components, Definitive Optimization delivers the quality plunger-lift products you need, when you need them.



Why Us?

  • We manufacture the vast majority of our products, therefore the equipment we produce are subjected to stringent quality control and quality assurance practices. This means Definitive products are trusted to perform with outstanding results in the field, allowing employees to stand proudly behind each and every Definitive offering.

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Get more from your Cyclops plunger arrival sensor

  • See what Cyclops sees with FREE Vision Device Management software
  • Make Cyclops wireless with Iris Wireless Bridge
  • Upgrade to Sasquatch for plunger arrivals + surface velocity
  • Use Supreme Commander to optimize your well with the best optimization algorithms on the market


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