Plug and Play Wireless Solutions

Designed to replace traditional wire and trenching with plug and play equipment, Iris is a cost-effective, easy to use system that safely enables up to 2 switches per node to be powered and relayed back to a panel-mounted gateway up to ½ mile away.


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Cyclops Goes Wireless!

The Iris Wireless Bridge provides the ability to use Cyclops plunger arrival sensors in applications where wire is not an economically viable or easily attainable option. Installation is quick and easy; Simply terminate Cyclops to the Iris Wireless Bridge Plunger Sensor Node and connect the outputs on the Gateway to any standard control system. To get more out of your Iris Wireless Bridge at a single well site, connect an additional switch to the second discrete input to wirelessly monitor pressures or tanks. For use in multi-well applications, connect up to two Cyclops sensors per Node, or use the Modbus interface with additional nodes to expand the number of linked devices.

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