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Wondering what makes us different from other contract engineering & circuit board design firms? Here’s the short list:

  • Since 2001, ETC has specialized in design, building, testing, and manufacturing of controls and sensors.
  • We’ve designed several highly successful low power, hazloc certified controls and sensors for the international oil & gas market, which are leading the marketplace in multiple regions including Canada and the United States.
  • With over 27,000 devices operating in the oilfield worldwide, our failure rate is less than 1%. This is virtually unheard of in the industry of electronics manufacturing.
  • Our corporate culture creates an environment where innovation is fostered through collaboration and teamwork in every phase of development

More than anything, we understand how to take an idea surrounding circuit board design, firmware design, or embedded design, make it functional, and deliver an amazing product that specifically meets the needs of the end customer. Contact us to find out how our team can help make your Calgary electronic product design ideas a reality!

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The Art of Product Development

We’d love to share with you a two-part blog series we published in June 2015 detailing 10-Steps in the product development and electronic design process:

Part One

Part Two

We’ve written a number of informational articles in the interest of sharing our knowledge of electronic embedded design & manufacturing. Some of these posts are listed below; feel free to browse our blog for additional posts.

At ETC, we are passionate about solving electronic design problems. After all, that’s what engineering is really all about! Our team of creative, results-driven professional problem-solvers love a good challenge. A few years ago, we learned of a fairly common problem in the oil & gas market that led to safety issues, spills, and lost production. Our team set out to solve this problem, and the recently-released Sasquatch plunger velocity sensor is the solution. During development, we worked together to overcome many unexpected obstacles, some of which we’ve shared in this blog about Designing a Plunger Velocity Sensor

ETC's electronic product design services team have over 130 years’ combined experience working in Calgary electronic product design. We possess a wide-range of specialized skills in hardware, mechanical and firmware design, as well as testing and implementation. Each individual brings strengths in different areas.

Our extensive product-centric experience and expertise provides everything you need to take your innovative ideas all the way through design to full production and maintenance. Give us a call today to find out how our electronic product design services team can help make your ideas reality!

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